A Scandinavian Badass Arrived To Costa Rica !!!

Holy Cr¤ap !!

It`s been awesome trip to get here !!

Even though it took almost 36 hours to get here it was totally worth it !

Just check this out :

Badass arrived to costa rica

Badass arrived to costa rica

Just a few short days back I was in Minnesota, Minneapolis and they had a pretty cold weather to  compare this what we got here, I am sweating my ass off !! :D

But that`s why I came here at the first place.. !

But let`s show you how I got here and how it happened..

Back in November I felt that i really have to do something, change my life..

I wasn`t happy the way my life was going on..

I was working at the night time as a cleaner at Oslo-Gardermoen airport in Oslo, Norway..

As i came home from work it was time to other people to start their jobs..And that made me feel like I was outside of the society, got no time to my friends nor my hobbies..

I gave my best shot every night and when it was time to have free time and enjoy yourself I felt exhausted and a bit depressed..


And then I come a across a badass empower network..Just weeks before that happened I saw this one video on youtube that it telling that in 2020 our internet using is 6 times bigger than currently and people are starting to work for himself rather than for the companies..

So when I saw a badass David Wood talking in this video I was aware of how the Internet was gonna change the whole globe in the future even though it is on already..

I got that feeling that I wanna be at the front line and learn now to be master as other people is coming in to the internet world.

And I wanted to change my life.

I was tired, exhausted, depressed for working every night and sleeping days just waiting for next night to come..

I wanted to live at the beaches of the world and make my living in internet and try to help as many people to reach their dreams in life as possible !!

I wanted to Change.

And everything began from this video

And just in  few months I am here at the Costa Rica !

That`s INSANE !

I was living at the cold cold Scandinavia where the weather is damn cold at that time of the year, -40.000 fahrenheit is nothing new out there !

And now i`m living my dream here at the Costa Rica and the temperature is something that I can not explain it is like to being in heaven !

That`s how 95.000 fahrenheits feels for me !


Let`s see at the beaches of the world my friend !


Tuomas Vuorma @ Costa Rica


.As I got in to empower network everything kinda has fallen onto place..

Now it`s your turn.

Start here.


More Than 4,000 BadAsses And 95 % Them Making Money !!

The Empower Network “Release Your Inner BadAss” Event was nuts!

More than 4,000 people and 95 % them making money !

Craziest thing I have ever seen.

The state was full of big money checks and an awesome people !

Big Money on the stage!

Take action right if you want to became happy and receive more freedom for your family and CLICK HERE RIGHT NOW !

I took action and flew overseas from Oslo,Norway and to get there to Austin I spend more than 48 hours and thousands of dollars.

For me it is all about change. I was burn-out, didn`t have any dreams alive anymore and felt like there must be something more out there for me.

After this my very first event and after I have spend some quality time with awesome people with same kind of mindset like I have, I regonized The change that I have been trough and that have changed me from the inside out !

The Journey has been Awesome and mind-blowing experience !

Just for 4 Months ago I was cleaner at the airport and every morning i got back home I felt depressed  before I went to sleep.

All the other people, normal people like I felt, was just about to starting up their days and I had to go to sleep and miss out all the hobbies, coffee meetings with friends and the thing that made me most sad was when i saw sun raising up and I knew thats the signal for me to go to sleep and get some rest before next night and going back to work again.

I didnt want to sleep. I just wanted to have time with my family, go out with my friends for dinner or go to bowling or whatever it was.

I just didnt want to sleep anymore and watch my life to go pass by.

I felt I was sitting in sidelines and just watching as everybody played.

That made me sad. I got burn-out.

Couldnt eat or sleep.

Didnt want to spend time with my friends anymore.

They told me ” Tuomas, why you are never with us anymore, what`s wrong with u man ? “

Maybe I was in need of outside help. Maybe I was waiting for a miracle that could change my life in a second.

Then what happened was I started to spend more and more time at computer and in internet.

I recognized that there were people working from home and that was a whole new for me.

There`s a saying ” what you did not know you did not know” and it suited perfectly for that moment.

I saw a link like this and I clicked it like you do right now

and then I put my e-mail adress to get forward.

I saw this weird looking, long-haired guy with his beautiful wife talking for me and all the sudden everything just fall into place.

This Video just got my attention and I felt like there`s something magical going on here.

I ended up purchasing a blogging system for 25 $ that was gonna change my whole life. Dont get me wrong, it wasnt the system that changed me.

It was the people whom with i`m allowed to spend time with ever since.


That`s how I call them.

And there were more than 4,000 of them with me at Austin, Texas in Empower Network event ” Release Your Inner Badass”

95% of them making money with this system.

Including me.

The guy how use to be cleaner, use have a drug addiction, was burn-out and lost all the hope.

Empower Network Release Your Inner Badass Event !! Front Seat.

Empower Network Release Your Inner Badass Event !! Front Seat !

There I was !

If you want to change your life you have to change what you are doing.

I told my boss, that`s it I`m not coming back !

I`m gonna change my life – I said.

And I did.

Now i`m heading to Costa Rica. To frigging Costa Rica !

There will be times when we lost our hope and give up for our dreams.

Then we need a people who gonna lift us up.

And that`s what empower network is for me.

The people who lift me up.


Click here and let`s change your life today.

We are gonna believe you when you are not !

Let`s get you dreaming again.


The Change starts here.

By Tuomas Vuorma


How To Be Successful With Video Marketing

Lots of individuals and businesses have achieved impressive results video marketingby using video marketing of one form or another. The thing they all have in common is detailed knowledge of what works and what does not. Keep reading below for some great tips that are sure to help as you begin exploring this exciting strategy for business growth.

How To Be Successful With Video Marketing

Be original when creating your videos. Do not mimic or copy other videos unless you are doing a parody. Instead, create new content that shares information that cannot be found anywhere else online. Try interviewing business people, doing demonstrations or answering your customers’ questions for original content. Remember to stand out against the crowd.

Be mindful of how long your video is. Users searching the Internet are generally in a hurry. They don’t want to watch a one or two minute video. In fact, research has shown that putting up a video that is less than 30 seconds long is one of the keys to success.

Have a video contest. Ask your viewers to send in their ideas, and you can select the one you think is best. The winner can receive some type of prize, cash, or gift card. This is a great way to get your viewers to participate. In order to succeed, participating is key.

If you are new to video marketing, then your first few videos should be shorter in length, approximately two minutes long. The purpose of these videos is primarily for education purposes. Once you become more comfortable posting videos, you can then increase the video length and try some editing. However, when starting out, you need to first establish yourself as a knowledgeable professional who knows what he/she is talking about.

How To Be Successful With Video Marketing

Consider running a contest where your customers submit videos they’ve created for your company, and then run those videos periodically in place of your own. Customers love to see their name in lights, and these great pieces of art will help promote your company and may even become viral over time.

A great way to generate new and unique content for your video marketing is to interview people at trade shows and conferences within your industry. This will generate buzz throughout your industry and these people will want to share the content that you publish. You will create great content and establish yourself as a professional in your industry.

If you plan to begin a video marketing campaign, put some time into designing a YouTube channel for your business. This will make your videos easy to find, and if a viewer enjoys the first video, they will have multiple others right at their fingertips. This organized, clustered way of presenting your videos will help to draw more viewers, and thus more customers.

If you are using videos as a part of your marketing campaign, closely monitor all comments and respond quickly. Many times other marketers will post a video comment to your page. Decide quickly if you are going to allow those types of comments to be placed on your YouTube page.

Make your marketing video short and sweet. People like to get the message in a minute or less, especially if you are obviously advertising something. To ensure you get the message to the viewers make it quick and entertaining so that you are by wasting your time or your viewer’s time.

How To Be Successful With Video Marketing

Check out the latest and greatest viral videos. Don’t limit yourself to marketing campaigns, however. Look for anything that has been shared and dissected rapidly, then try to determine what makes each one so appealing. You may be able to identify an idea or style that you can use to create your own video clips.

Make sure that your video marketing is high energy. It can be very hard to keep people’s attention these days and a high energy video is your best bet in accomplishing this. You could take some time to view the videos of others to better understand the level of energy that you are looking for.

Many entrepreneurs of all stripes swear by the effectiveness of video marketing. The important thing to remember, however, is that sufficient time must be spent learning the tricks of the trade before launching this type of campaign. Hopefully the guidance found above has given you just the sort of start you need to achieve the results you desire.


Knowledge Is Power In Article Marketing

If you haven’t much experience with article marketing, it can be aArticle Marketing bit confusing at first. However, if you can utilize the tips provided in this article, you will see how article marketing works, how you can work it, and how it can work for you. There are several different elements of the process, all of which you will better understand with this guide.

Knowledge Is Power In Article Marketing

Resist the urge to make affiliate marketing complicated. Many peoples have been extremely successful at marketing affiliate products. Learn from them by making their methods your own and help to build your success. Don’t try to reinvent something that has already been proven over and over. Keep working the same simple steps, with consistency and you will be rewarded.

When writing articles for online marketing, remember that it’s important to have good, basic English skills. If you are a non-native speaker, be sure to have a native speaker proof read your articles. It isn’t enough to have them pass copy-scape and a spell-check. Your writing should sound as native and natural as possible to appeal to a wide audience, and that takes proofreading by a native speaker.

Quote of the day

When your keywords appear in the text of your article, you can use bold or italic text to distinguish them. This is generally a sound practice, with few readers minding it and many appreciating it. Search engines like it as well; they assign greater weight to text set off in bold or italics.

Article marketing can be done through both blogs and independent articles, but one of the best forms is to simply write dozens of tips about a single subject. This will help to boost that subject in the tracker’s eyes, which means that you will pull in more traffic to your site.

Knowledge Is Power In Article Marketing

Use numbers and/or bullets in your article. This will make the main points easier for your audience to read and digest. It will also help to make your article visually interesting. Readers are more likely to pay close attention and stay with your article until the end.

You can always send your articles out on a test run to see if there are any loose ends you need to tie up. As an article marketer, some articles are going to do well while others sit around collecting dust. Find people to read and judge your articles before you decide to release them. This will help you avoid those dust-collectors.

When you’re starting out your article marketing campaign, take it slowly at first. Don’t try churning out dozens of articles your first week. A good goal at first is to write one 400-word article every week. Once you can do this easily, gradually increase your productivity until you can turn out an article a day.

As far as increasing readership goes, it is important to be realistic with your expectations when submitting your article to a database or website. Unless you are working with a highly specific niche product or service, there is a possibility that you may not immediately see noticeable results; broad categories like travel or cooking are likely to be dominated by major corporate sites.

Knowledge Is Power In Article Marketing

If your article marketing campaign involves formats that allow reader feedback, (e.g. blogging) you should encourage their participation by ending each article with a question. This spurs readers to consider your article more carefully. Those readers that respond will become involved in a communal discussion, tying them closer to your online presence and making them more likely to read your work again.

You can further research article marketing by joining a few forums on the subject matter. Many of these members would be happy to help those trying to get started or even those who are experienced but still desire some feedback. You can even get pointers by just reading posts, as many are short, informative, and concise.

Don’t use the body of the article to sell yourself. This is where the meat of your article belongs. This is where you answer the question or promise posed in the title of your article. Make sure to put valuable information in your articles. Writing your articles this way will automatically sell you with no other effort.

Using the advice you have received in this article, you should get a better picture of what article marketing is and how it can affect your business’s marketing, especially online. The process is one that takes time and effort, and a clear knowledge of how and where to obtain the right articles for your marketing venture.

By Tuomas Vuorma

Feel free to share and leave some comments :)


How To Become The Best In Internet Marketing

The world of Internet marketing is very vast and exciting. There smiling internet marketingare so many ways that one can enter and use their knowledge of this field to help promote their business and stand out. It depends completely on the individual. That said, no matter what your marketing skills are, here are some tips to help you out.

How To Become The Best In Internet Marketing

Visit the sites of your competitors. This will allow you to see what you’re up against, but it can also give you ideas about what you can do a little better or a little differently. You can use their websites for ideas about content for your own site and blog.

Use a program that will track the top keywords that your customers are using, in order to find your products. Once you have that information, you can find the top ranking sites for those keywords and if your company is not one of them, then come up with a plan to change that.

Post ads about your business on websites that let you do it for free. A simple search for classified ads websites will provide you with hundreds of results. Make sure you post your ads in the right categories and provide a link to your website. Write a good text that will make people want to find out more.

If you can afford it, a great internet marketing tip would be to give your customers free shipping on the products that they purchase. If you feel that you can not afford it, consider offering free shipping to customers who buy products that add-up to a certain dollar amount. This is a great motivator for people to spend more money!

If you are going to place pictures on your site make sure that they are not too large. If users have to wait an exceptionally long amount of time to see what is on your site because pictures are loading slowly then they are likely to leave and not return to the site in the future.

How To Become The Best In Internet Marketing

It is imperative to track visitor data so that you can improve your business. Important data to track is inbound telephone calls to your business. All you need is a dedicated phone number for your business. This number should feature prominently on your website. Use a telephone tracking company that generates call reports. The type of data you would receive would be the caller’s name, telephone number and the length of the phone call.

When advertising any product online, make sure you let your target audience know why they need to buy your product. If you make a person think that their life could become infinitely better if they purchase your product, they’ll buy it immediately. Simply pointing out that your product is a great buy isn’t enough.

A great internet marketing strategy is to include the word “fast” in your ads. Tell your customers they can expect fast delivery and fast ordering. Promise them fast results. People are so busy and pressed for time these days that they value their time as much as their money and will pay for speedy results.

For online retail, market and promote your return policy. Many internet users are still anxious over purchasing items online. They question what happens if the item or service really doesn’t fit their needs. Promoting your return policy helps build trust with the potential buyer. With it, they know that potential buyer’s remorse is no longer part of the equation.

How To Become The Best In Internet Marketing

An important tip regarding Internet marketing is to include freebies with products that you ship out to customers such as candy or pens. This is important because not only will your customer appreciate the free gift, but you can also include your website and other contact information on them as a way to continually advertise.

Don’t always worry about percentages. The products that you will be helping to sell vary greatly in price points, which means that the amount you get from them will vary widely as well. Don’t get frustrated overworking the math. Look at base prices for the best selling products, and figure out how much you would make from those to figure out your average commission.

Internet marketing is a fascinating and exciting world that is only limited by the extent of a person’s budget. There are endless possibilities, tools, combinations and techniques. Start experimenting to find something new for yourself or to learn something new that you can improve upon for your own marketing plan.

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